The Most Commonly Found Insect Pests in Homes

insect pest control home The Most Commonly Found Insect Pests in HomesThere are plenty of ways to deter insects from coming into your home and making it their haven. This includes keeping clutter to a minimum, regularly sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping your floors, eliminating food particles and storing food properly, and sealing up any potential entry points. You can even employ the use of safe, natural bug sprays that will deter them or eliminate them without harming your pets or your family.

Having bugs in your home is the last thing that you would want, but knowing what types of pests commonly invade people’s homes will certainly help you take the right steps towards preventing these invasions before they happen. Continue reading for some important information on some of the most common insect pests that homeowners deal with.


Ants come in a variety of shapes, and the tiniest ones can enter the smallest cracks in your home. Because they leave scent trails as they walk, they invite even more ants to invade, looking for sweet crumbs of food that may have fallen on your kitchen counter or floor. Because they can create nests just about anywhere, and because their colonies can be difficult to locate, they’re also one of the most difficult pests to eliminate.


These long bugs have more legs than you can count, and they can be pretty disgusting to see crawling quickly across your floors. They love invading homes in the winter season when they’re in search of warm places where they can be safe. You’ll usually find them in your basement, crawl space, bathroom, and kitchen cabinets. The only good thing about them is that they’ll feed on cockroaches and termites. Because they’re nocturnal, keep an eye out for them at night.


Spiders are really troublesome because they can invade every area of your home, from your ceiling to your basement and even your air vents. If you’re unlucky enough to have a spider lay eggs anywhere in your home, you’ll be dealing with a very difficult infestation to eliminate, as there will be tiny spiders crawling everywhere, even coming down from your ceiling on a string of web. This may require the help of professional pest removers.


Beetles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Carpet beetles, in particular, can be quite destructive because they consume natural fibers and fabrics. Grain and flour beetles, on the other hand, will feast on your food instead.


The unnerving thing about termites is that you may have them in your home, slowly damaging it from the inside out, without even realizing it, so it’s a good idea to have your home inspected for them regularly. Because they feed primarily on dead plants and dead trees, the wood throughout your home is a feast for these pests. They’re common all over the country, so if you’re looking for Arizona pest control companies in order to have your home inspected or to quickly remove them if you’ve seen them for yourself, you can rest assured that professionals will know exactly how to eliminate them efficiently.

About the author:

Carmine Green is a freelance blogger who cannot bear the thought of ever having another insect invasion in her home. That’s why she has taken all of the necessary steps to make her home an inhospitable environment for everything from tiny spiders to ants. She doesn’t mind the occasional ladybug, though.

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