5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Backyard

During the spring and summer seasons, that’s usually when a lot of us find ourselves spending more time in our backyards. That’s because as the weather starts to warm up, we look forward to watching the sunset and also entertaining some of our friends.

If you’d like to “dress up” your backyard but you’re wondering how you can do it in such a way where you won’t end up blowing your budget in the process, we’ve got five relatively inexpensive and easy ways for you to get your yard ready for all of the upcoming plans that you have for it below:

Design an outdoor room. Although initially, you might think that designing an outdoor room is an expensive recommendation, it all depends on your approach to it. What’s important to keep in mind is that it’s basically all about creating a sitting room with the outdoors as your backdrop. So, while you could purchase some new patio furniture, there are actually websites that will walk you through the process of how to build some yourself. One of them is Curbly. Just go to the website and put “outdoor furniture you can build” in the search field.

Add a water feature. Something that can immediately make your backyard look peaceful and serene is a water feature. So, if you don’t already have one, it’s definitely something that we consider to be a really smart investment. Some websites that feature a variety of them include Lamps Plus, Hayneedle and Kohl’s.

Try some decorative bricks. If you want to create a path where you and your guests can walk in your backyard, something else that you should consider doing is getting some bricks in order to make the walkway. In fact, a company like Teton Stone can provide you with insight on how to get one started. Just make sure that you don’t use plain brown bricks. Instead, be a bit more creative and look for decorative one. There are websites like Rakuten that sell them or you can make some of your own. To receive some step-by-step instructions on how to do so, go to your favorite search engine and put “how to make decorative bricks” in the search field.

Create a butterfly garden. Another wonderful way that you can dress up your backyard is by creating your own butterfly garden. It’s actually not as complicated (or expensive) as it might initially sound. First, what you need to do is plant a flower garden out in your backyard. That will naturally attract a lot of butterflies into your space. Some flowers that butterflies naturally gravitate towards are Blanket flowers, Butterfly weed, Goldenrods, New England Aster and Blazing Star. And if you happen to want to attract a lot of butterflies immediately, consider purchasing a batch of them from a company that sells them. One of them is Butterfly Release Company.

Use cool hues. If you have a deck out back or you simply have some old wooden furniture that could stand to have a bit of upcycling, try painting either thing with some cool colors like light blue, pale purple or even a nice shade of light grey. It will modernize your backyard space and provide a piece of calm and serenity too. Just in time for spring and summer.

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